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How can you give children a love of music that will grow along with them?


The answer is Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms, the music and movement enrichment program that has won rave reviews from critics, parents, teachers, and kids alike. Young listeners are immediately engaged by the music and are carried from song to song by infectious rhythms and energetic production.


Our award-winning family classes feature friendly and enthusiastic teachers who lead the class as you gather in a circle to “make music.” Not only do our classes have a strong educational foundation, but they are also incredibly exciting and fun!  Class activities include singing, playing instruments, and the use of lots of “props” to keep your child engaged and interested. Our classes are a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some special time with your little ones, and we encourage lots of interaction.

Siblings can participate together in our Family Classes. We have designed our classes so that children ages 0-5 learn by playing with you and interacting with the other children and teachers.

We do our best to individualize each class to meet the needs and abilities of the children present. We change activities frequently and provide plenty of repetition for creativity and learning.


Research shows that early exposure and interaction with music is extremely important in the development of young minds.  While it seems that we're just having fun singing, dancing, wiggling, shaking, and hugging, we're actually LEARNING; language development, math readiness, fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination, spacial negotiation, and social skillls are just a few of the things your child can learn in a Makin' Music class.  And, of course, we're also learning about music!  Through repetition and singing along, your child can begin to develop a sense of rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and melody.  

Ready to sign up?  You can register online, via phone at 302-448-6337, or you can download our registration form and register by mail.  Please read our registration and class policies here


Still not sure?  Drop in for a free trial!  You can give me a call or email with any questions you may have and to schedule your free trial class. 


If you'd like to learn more about the educational benefits of music, we have several articles posted for download here.  You can also check out this wonderful article on for information about music and your child's cognitive development. 



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